Boluda Maritime TerminalsTenerife

Boluda Maritime Terminal Tenerife is located in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands), on the El Bufadero quay, a strategic meeting point for freight traffic between Europe, South America and the west coast of Africa. This logistical point of distribution of merchandise inaugurated in the year 2000, operates 100% of the traffic of Boluda Lines on the island of Tenerife, as well as traffics of other important shipping companies.


The facilities of Boluda Maritime Terminal Tenerife have three berthing lines of 478 meters, an area of 110,500 square meters and a depth of 14 meters. It provides 240 connections for refrigerated containers and moves 370,000 Teu’s / year. It also provides an in-built workshop and a spare-parts warehouse.

Surface Area 110.500 m2
Movements 300.000 TEUs/year
Berthing lines 1  
Linear meters 478 m
Depth 14 m
Chiller connections 240  
Ro-Ro Heels 1  
Covered warehouse 1.940 m2
Offices 782 m2


Quantity Machinery Tons  
2 Gantry cranes Post-Panamax 40 Tns.
2 Gantry cranes Panamax 35 – 40 Tns.
8 RTG’s 35 – 40 Tns.
4 Reach Stacker 42 – 45 Tns.
4 Container carrier forklift 12 Tns.
12 Tractor Trucks 50 Tns.
4 Tractor trucks 4×4 50 Tns.
12 Cornerless platforms 45′ 65 Tns.
1 Container carrier platforms 45′ emergencies 65 Tns.
1 Container carrier forklift 32 Tns.
11 Container carrier forklift 2 – 6 Tns.


All companies, contractors, subcontractors, transporters, service providers, clients and / or users who carry out an activity in the terminal facilities must comply with Law 31/1995 on the Prevention of Labor Risks in its Art. 24: “Coordination of the Business Activity”

Keep in mind that all workers must READ, complete and sign the documentation below and the employer will finally seal it for subsequent shipment with the rest of the documentation:

Documentation that must be completed at first time at Boluda Maritime Terminal Tenerife:

Furthermore, the TC1 – TC2 must be provided, or registered for, at Social Security. Every new company, or company that is not yet registered at Boluda Maritime Terminal Tenerife must provide the Civil Liability Insurance.

If you are a Carrier and are registered at Boluda Maritime Terminal Tenerife, you must complete the documentation below with each new incorporation of a driver: