Leaders in the use of the most advanced technologies in port logistics

Palletized Cargo

BS Cargo performs loading and unloading of palletized merchandise with:

  • High performance in frozen palletized unloading operations of 130 pallets / hour.
  • High performance in refrigerated cargo operations of 150 pallets / hour.
  • Handling of up to 850 pallets per day of 6 hours of palletized perishable goods (fruits, vegetables, etc.).
  • Handling of palletized perishable goods.
  • Handling of frozen fish.

Heavy Cargo

BS Cargo is a specialist in the handling of oversized and oversized goods. It has experts in techniques for its manipulation, with three strategies: training of its own personnel, hiring of highly qualified personnel and strategic local, national and international alliances. With more than 10 years of experience in the execution of loads of industrial projects, it offers:

  • “Turnkey” projects.
  • Shore cranes, lifting, handling and transport services.
  • Packaging and maritime lashing services.
  • Assesment and logistic analysis of projects.
  • Assesment and technical feasibility studies in maritime, air and land routes.
  • Ship’s and cargo planes’ chartering.
  • Port operations.
  • Special road transports.
  • Surfaces management.

General Cargo

BS Cargo is a specialist in the handling of non-containerized merchandise. This activity is fundamentally oriented to the handling, transportation, storage and installation of the various equipment and components of the following traffics:

  • Naval industry traffic.
  • Local industry traffic.
  • Offshore industry traffic.
  • Mining industry traffic.
  • Offshore and offshore wind industry traffic.
  • Traffic of industrial waste resulting from the manufacturing, transformation, utilization and consumption processes generated by the industry.

Bulk Cargo

BS Cargo is an expert in loading and unloading merchandise in food and non-food bulk, such as sand, fertilizers, crushed glass, crushed gum, cereals, etc.


The fishing vessels use the ports in which BS Cargo operates for the handling of their products and to obtain the materials and services they need for the development of their industrial activity.

The company has been the largest fishing manipulator in Europe, in the period from 1980 to the present. At present, it handles the amount of 3 million tons, reaching up to 14 operations per day with appointments of more than 30 port hands (approximately 400 operators).

Other Services

  • Transfers from fishing vessels to freighters.
  • Consolidation, deconsolidation and cleaning of dangerous goods containers.
  • Classification of pallets (cargoes of different species).
  • Shifting of cargoes aboard and/or ashore.
  • Hold and quay cleaning.
  • Supply and rental of technical and mechanical means (shore-cranes, forklifts, steel plates, slings, etc).
  • Supplying port personnel.
  • Servicing our own machinery pool.
  • Road transport coordination.
  • Cool stores service and coordination.
  • Pallets repairs and supply.
  • Labelling.
  • Lashing special cargoes.

Logistic Services

BS Cargo provides Solutions in management and optimal planification of the handling and distribution (transport and/or warehousing) operations, providing inmediate response to the entire international maritime transport chain, with precise control and at an adjusted cost, meeting the quality standard requirements set by each customer.

The rendered services are classified in various subsystems, mainly being handling, transport, in and outs, improvement, production, servicing, etc.